Should I settle my truck accident claim?

| Nov 8, 2018 | Truck Accidents

The injuries that a victim may suffer in an accident with a large truck or big rig can be extensive. Not all victims of these devastating incidents are able to reach a full recovery from the physical harm they suffered, and they can be left with lingering health issues that can affect them for the rest of their lives. If a Massachusetts resident is involved in a truck accident, they should be aware of what they may be giving up before they agree to settle their pending personal injury claim.

A truck accident settlement may involve an offer by the responsible parties to compensate the victim for their losses in exchange for the victim waiving their right to sue for any further damages. To this end, a settlement may be a good resolution for a person who suffered minimal losses and future costs related to their accident are not anticipated.

However, for a victim who is expected to suffer life-long problems from the harm they sustained in their truck accident, waiving one’s right to seek additional damages may not be in their best interest. Depending upon how much the responsible parties are willing to pay the victim to release their rights, the victim may find that their settlement payment is insufficient.

It is important that motor vehicle accident victims, including truck accident victims, get individual counsel regarding whether settlement is a good option for them. Their cases may involve specific information that can help their attorneys advise them of their options and their best legal choices for protecting their rights and recoveries.

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