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If Your Claim Involves A Third Party, We Can Help.

At The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke, we believe in looking beyond the obvious in order to get our clients the most compensation. In workplace accident cases, this means looking beyond workers’ compensation to see if the opportunity exists to pursue a personal injury claim that would allow our client to get compensation above and beyond the limited amount offered through workers’ comp. This is something we can do if the work accident was caused by a party other than the victim’s employer, which is why these are referred to as third party claims.

Our attorneys have been serving Massachusetts since 1971. We have a success rate of 99.6 percent in personal injury cases, which include cases involving workplace accidents.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a workplace accident that you believe may have been caused by a party other than the employer, we encourage you to contact The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke today for a free consultation.

Motor Vehicle Accidents And Other Cases

Third party claims are most common in cases involving car accident injury claims. If a person is hit by a negligent driver while on the job, a lawsuit may be filed against the negligent driver. The negligent driver is the third party. This lawsuit would be in addition to the workers’ compensation claim. We represent truck drivers, delivery drivers and anyone else who has been in an auto accident while performing work duties.

Third party claims are also possible in construction accident cases, particularly in situations in which the victim was injured due to the negligence of a contractor working at the same site under a different employer. Third party claims may also be made against manufacturers of defective products that caused harm in the workplace.

We always look for the opportunity to pursue a third party claim in workplace accident cases. Workers’ comp covers a certain amount of lost wages, as well as medical treatment, but it does not provide compensation for pain and suffering. A third party personal injury claim does.

No Fees Unless You Win

In on-the-job accident cases, we charge no fees unless you win. Our fees are based on a reasonable percentage of the compensation we obtain for you.

For a free consultation, contact our Massachusetts third party work accident claims attorneys by phone at 978-706-6618​ or by email.