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Case Results

Case results speak for themselves. We have helped our clients obtain millions of dollars in settlements and judgments.

If you have been injured or in you are suffered a loss, you need an experienced and successful attorney to fight for you and your loved ones.

High volume attorneys may promise you a quick settlement. But, they may not take the time to review your case as carefully as we will. You’ll get a quick settlement, but your case may be worth much more.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Here are some of our recent case results and settlements.

$ Confidential Settlement

Drunk Driver – A drunk driver rear-ended our client’s motor vehicle, causing our client, a 42-year-old office worker, who was an injured passenger to have severe, lifelong injuries. In addition, we represented the victim at all criminal court proceedings and the defendant was convicted of Drunk Driving.

$ Full Insurance Policy Limit was Recovered

Wrongful Death – Pedestrian v. Auto – Our client was walking on the side of a roadway and was struck by a drunk driver. Our client, a father of two children, died as a result of the injuries he sustained. A claim was brought against all responsible parties and the case settled out of court for the full amount of the insurance coverages. After settlement we established a Trust to provide for his minor children.

$ Full Insurance Policy Limit was Recovered

Wrongful Death – Truck v. Car – Our client was a passenger in a car that was struck by a tractor-trailer truck. Our Client, a 62-year-old, retired, father of two children, died from severe injuries. A claim was brought against all responsible parties and the case settled out of court for the full amount of the insurance coverages. In addition, we filed all estate paperwork with the probate court.

$ Full Insurance Policy Limit was Recovered.

Truck vs. Car – A truck failed to yield to oncoming traffic entering a highway, striking our client’s car. Liability was contested, but through the use of experts, our client prevailed. Our Client had substantial lost income and sustained permanent scarring and disfigurement.

$ Full Insurance Policy Limit was Recovered.

Motorcycle vs. Car – A car failed to see a motorcycle, running over the bike and rider. The defendant claimed the motorcycle cut in front of him. Through the use of experts, our client prevailed for his substantial damages.

$8.4 Million Verdict

Insurance Bad Faith Claim – Our client was in a car accident sustaining serious and lifelong injuries. Total insurance coverage that was available to the person responsible for the accident was $300,000. The insurance company did not make a prompt and reasonable settlement offer. They denied liability and offered $0.00. After a lengthy trial in the Federal Court the Judge found that the insurance company committed bad faith and ordered the insurance company to pay $8.4 million to our client.

$7.5 Million Judgement

Car vs SUV- Our client a 20-year-old female was driving a car and went through a stop sign. Her car was T-boned by an SUV. Our client sustained multiple fractures, permanent scarring and a traumatic brain injury. We settled her claim against the driver of the SUV for his insurance policy limit and brought a liquor liability claim against the bar that served her alcohol. When the claim could not be settled we filed suit in the Worcester Superior Court. The case resulted in a judgment of $7.5 million.

$1.75 Million – Structured Settlement.

Brain Injury – Passenger v. Driver – An automobile driven by a teenager was speeding, left the roadway and collided with a tree, causing our client, a rear-seat passenger to sustain a head injury. After we filed suit against the teenage driver and his parents, we structured a settlement for our client with a guaranteed payout of 1,750,000.

$1.5 Million.

Dump Truck v. Automobile – Our client’s car was rear-ended by a dump truck, causing the injured party to have a spinal cord injury. Client was able to drive his car from the accident scene and treated with a chiropractor for a few months. We fought to get an MRI performed and it showed that the client had developed a traumatic syringomyelia or syrinx in his spine. Fully disabling him. Suit was filed against the operator and the company, which owned the dump truck. After mediation, the bodily injury claim was settled for $1.5 million.

$600,000 – Settlement

Slip and Fall- Our client slip and fell at a big box store on ice and snow. He sustained a fractured ankle requiring surgery. The defendant initially denied liability and offered $0.00 to settle the matter. We filed suit in the Massachusetts Superior Court and after discovery the case settled for $600,000.

$Confidential Settlement Amount.

Pedestrian v. Train – Our Client was walking near railroad tracks, when she was struck by a train. She sustained severe injuries and passed away. The case was settled out of court, prior to filing suit.


Auto vs. Auto – Our client, an elderly woman was driving her car when another motor vehicle went through a red light colliding with our client’s motor vehicle. Our client sustained a fracture to her pelvis. The defendant denied the light was red and through the use of expert testimony our client recovered $250,000.


Truck vs. Truck – Our client, a 25-year-old man, was driving his employer’s work truck, in the course of his employment, was stopped at a red light and was rear-ended by another truck. Our client sustained a rotator cuff tear that required surgery. We recovered workers’ compensation for our client’s lost income and medical bills. We also presented a third party claim and recovered a bodily injury settlement of $ 250,000.


Slip and Fall on Ice – Our client, a 52-year-old disabled woman, slipped on snow and ice and fell in her apartment complex parking lot. She sustained a fracture to her leg. We presented a claim against her apartment complex and the company hired to plow the parking lot. We settle the claim for $155,000.


Pedestrian vs. Auto – Our client, a 37-year-old man, was lawfully crossing the street when he was struck by a car that went through a stop sign. Our client fractured his wrist and arm. An insurance claim was settled for $100,000.


Bicycle vs. Auto – A motorist failed to see our client on his bike, struck him, and our client needed carpel tunnel surgery. After we presented the claim to the insurance company the case settled for $100,000.


Dog Bite – Our client was a 7-year-old child who was bitten by a neighbor’s dog. She sustained scarring to her face. A claim was brought against the owner of the dog and the claim was settled out of court for $100,000.


Passenger in Auto – A motor vehicle made an unsafe left turn in front of the client’s car. Our client, a 50-year-old salesman, sustained a fractured tooth and suffered TMJ syndrome. We settled his claim for $75,000.


Auto vs. Auto – A motor vehicle ran a red light, striking our client’s car, causing soft tissue (neck & back sprain) injuries. The claim was settled after suit was filed.


Auto vs. Auto – Our client, a 19-year-old college student was operating her motor vehicle and was rear-ended another automobile, causing our client to have undergone chiropractic care for neck and back sprain. The claim settled out of court for $20,000

What to look for in a lawyer

Look for a lawyer with both experience and a successful track record. An experienced wrongful death and personal injury lawyer will take the time to answer your questions and help you determine the best course of action.

It’s our goal to get you the best possible results in your compensation claim for your injuries and losses. If that means going to trial, that’s what we will do.

Don’t settle your case for less than you deserve.

How we can help you

At the Law Offices of Bailey and Burke, we work on a contingency basis for personal injury matters.

What this means to you is that you won’t pay any legal expenses or fees until we have recovered compensation for you.

Contact us to schedule your free case evaluation.

The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke provides an immediate, no-obligation, free phone, home, or office consultation on any personal injury accident. Call Now: 888-870-0925.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our law firm, and what we can do for you.