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The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke

A Proven Full Service Law Firm Since 1971

A Proven Full Service Law Firm Serving the Families of the Local Community Since 1971

More Than 40 Years Helping Those Injured In Slip-And-Falls

Retailers, businesses, property owners and amusement parks are responsible for maintaining and keeping up their property in such a way as to repair or remove dangerous and defective conditions and provide safety to those invited or rightfully on the premises. When ice, falling debris, poorly lit walkways, crumbling stairs, or obstructed aisles and pathways result in slips and falls, property owners may be held liable for any injuries that result. At The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke, we work with medical professionals, economists and other experts in determining the scope and full financial impact of a slip-and-fall accident. Since most slips and falls result in herniated discs, serious back and neck injuries, head trauma and broken bones, we demand compensation to cover your medical bills and lost wages, as well as your pain and suffering, and damages that are the consequence of the injury.

Don’t accept just any settlement offered by an insurance company – demand justice and damages proportional to all your financial needs. To schedule an appointment to discuss your case, contact the law office of slip-and-fall lawyers The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke today at 888-870-0925​.

Typical Causes Of Slip-And-Fall Accidents

The law office of The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke represents clients injured in premises liability cases involving the following:

  • Broken stairs, broken steps, and dangerous stairwells or landing areas
  • Inadequate safety measures, lack of security cameras or door locks
  • Tenant slip, trip and fall injuries caused by landlord negligence
  • Dangerous sidewalks, cracks in the sidewalk and potholes
  • Defective lighting, inadequate or inoperative lighting
  • Failure to warn of hazardous or dangerous conditions
  • Failure to correct hazardous or dangerous conditions
  • Slippery or wet floors

We Use Experts To Prove Your Case

Our slip-and-fall accident attorneys employ engineering experts who utilize slip-and-fall reconstruction technology to demonstrate how the accident occurred. Such technology may be used to show fault or to show how the injury actually occurred. Our slip-and-fall accident lawyers will be able to determine when such experts are needed and how to best use them in negotiations with the insurance company to settle the case or for use at trial.

I Signed A Waiver – Can I Still Sue?

It’s not uncommon for some amusement parks, water slides, even entertainment venues to ask patrons to sign a waiver relieving the business in question of any liability in case you are injured. The simple truth is, however, you cannot sign away your rights. If you sustain an injury in an amusement park, swimming pool, even a skating rink, the owner can still be held liable for your injuries even if you signed a waiver. If you slipped on spilled food, fell down crumbling or poorly lit stairs, or slipped while getting on a ride or slide due to poorly designed railings or ladders, the owner can be held liable.

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At The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke, we’re prepared to hold businesses and property owners legally accountable for our client’s injuries – even if a waiver has been signed. Our lawyers know the law, the case law, and are prepared to help you recover the damages you deserve.

For more information and a consultation regarding your case, contact the personal injury attorneys of The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke today at 888-870-0925​.