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With a success rate of 99.6 percent, The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke understand what it takes to win cases and help our clients get back on their financial feet again.


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Successfully Representing Burn Injury Survivors

Have you or a loved one suffered a burn injury or electrocution? If you believe the accident was the result of an act of negligence, you have the right to enlist an experienced attorney to help you get compensation for the harm caused. You will find such an attorney at The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke.

We have been representing burn and electrocution victims in Massachusetts since 1971. We have a success rate of 99.6 percent in these and other personal injury cases, an achievement we attribute to our dedication to fighting for our clients against any opponent.

We work on a contingency basis, so there is no cost to you until we get compensation for you. Our fees are based on a reasonable percentage of that compensation. Contact The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke today for a free consultation.

Accidents Caused By Many Types Of Negligence

We have handled burn cases caused by explosions in the workplace, at home or elsewhere. We have handled cases involving defective products that have caught fire or exploded. We have handled cases involving burns that could have been prevented if a property owner had followed fire codes and replaced defective smoke detectors.

When it comes to electrocution and electrical shock accident cases, we have found that the causes are equally diverse. Many occur in the workplace, particularly to construction workers and electricians.

No matter what caused the injury, we can help. We handle cases resulting from:

Free Consultations Are Available

If you would like us to review your situation, you can contact our Massachusetts burn and explosion injury attorneys by phone at 978-706-6618​ or by email.