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Hold Negligent Property Owners Accountable.

In Massachusetts, premise liability refers to cases involving an injury or an assault sustained on premises that did not have adequate security. Sometimes these can be a simple “Slips, Trips and Falls” case, or as severe as a building collapse or parking garage robberies and/or sexual assaults.

For example, recently Walmart stores have been sued for not adequately protecting their parking lots in areas where there have been multiple robberies and/or sexual assaults. It was shown through aggressive investigation that one particular Walmart had multiple police visits due to these ongoing problems. They also filed numerous internal reports dealing with these crimes; however, they took virtually no steps to provide protection for their patrons. Because Walmart failed to address the situation, millions of dollars have been paid out to various victims who accused Walmart with premises liability claims.

Construction defects refer to cases involving an injury due to faulty construction. One only needs to look to your local news to see everything from the collapse of buildings where wedding receptions were being held, to the collapse of piers and decks where parties were taking place, to see the devastation that can occur in a construction defect accident. The more subtle losses occur when parking garages are improperly designed, which results in motor vehicle accidents. Sometimes traffic flow in parking lots is improperly directed without adequate stop and yield signs, which can result in pedestrian injury and car accidents.

The attorneys at have significant experience with premise liability and construction defect cases where victims have suffered a significant and serious physical injury. The most common types of construction defect or premise liability cases range from merchandise falling off of high shelves such as at the large warehouse stores like Price Club/ Costco/ BJ’s, Home Depot and Lowes to the inadequate cleanup of an aisle resulting in slip-and-fall injuries.

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