Truck hits guardrail, causes accidents, injuries and delays

| Jul 20, 2018 | Truck Accidents

It is not uncommon for traffic to mar the travel plans of individuals who drive on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Whether it is bad weather, construction or an accident the chances of a driver getting caught in delays not of their own making is relatively high. In the days following the Fourth of July, though, a serious incident occurred on the Mass Pike that put the lives of several individuals at risk.

The incident happened near Chicopee at Exit 6 on the Mass Pike. A large truck allegedly hit a guardrail on the freeway and caused several accidents to occur near its impact. Traffic quickly backed up behind the truck and affected vehicles and as a result of the crash two people had to be taken to the hospital.

Just recently this blog offered a post on the dangers of trucks operating with heavy loads, but there are a number of other reasons that truck drivers can lose control of their rigs and cause serious accidents such as the one discussed here. For example, when truck drivers fail to follow the operating rules of their profession, exhaustion and distraction can place their lives and the lives of other motorists in harm’s way.

Also, the failure of a truck driver to follow the rules of the road can cause dangerous accidents like this one to happen. Speeding, failing to signal and making abrupt maneuvers are all actions that truck drivers may take that could result in crashes with other vehicles.

An investigation into this matter may provide more information on why this truck hit the guardrail and caused subsequent crashes. Once the facts are sorted out the victims involved in this incident may elect to pursue their damages and seek compensation from the parties who caused their losses from this truck accident.

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