Collect damages after suffering animal bite injury

| Oct 6, 2017 | Animal Bites

There are many dog-lovers out there who have one or both dogs. But animal lover or not, sometimes dogs or other animals act in an aggressive way. While they may only be reacting out of instinct, it can seriously injure those who get in front of an aggressive animal. Children, especially, can become victim to animal bite injury when they try to pet or get in front of an aggressive animal that lashes out.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to another person’s pet, you may be wondering what your options for legal recourse are. In short, it is the owner of the animal that is responsible for its behavior and thus it’s injury inflicted on others. However, that person’s insurance would likely cover the damages inflicted by that person’s animal. However, if a person has suffered financial losses or other losses, initiating a personal injury suit could be an appropriate course of action.

If successful, this could bring financial damages to help cover the medical expenses or pain and trauma you or a loved one may have experienced at the hands of another person’s animal. While the animal may not be particularly vicious, any animal can cause serious injury. Naturally bites can be particularly damaging, causing lacerations or even breaking bones. Animal claws can scratch and tear, causing equally dangerous injury in an animal attack.

Emergency room visits can quickly add up into the thousands of dollars. If a person suffers an animal bite or animal attack, that is exactly where they would go to receive care. The owner of the animal is likely on the hook for these expenses if their animal acted viciously. Seek damages if you or a loved one suffered animal bite injury.

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