Variety of car accident types reflects diversity in legal options

| Aug 27, 2015 | Car Accidents

Driving is a daily activity for most people in Worcester. Unfortunately, there are a number of different ways that car accidents can cause serious injury on any given day. Accidents can come in the form of rear-end collisions, head-on collisions, t-bone impacts, rollover accidents, side-swipes, collisions with stationary objects such as trees and hit and run situations. In any event, The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke can provide victims or their families with a strategic legal plan for recovery.

The circumstances of each car accident are different and the damages suffered by victims and family members are likely different as well. While personal injury and wrongful death claims are both available to help injured victims and family members, the unique circumstances of each car accident can impact how a claim for damages is pursued. Victims of all types of damaging car accidents can thus benefit from consulting with an experienced auto accident attorney.

For example, a conversation with a Worcester auto accident lawyer may reveal that rollover accidents may indicate that an auto-related product is defective and dangerous. In other situations, car accidents are caused by careless and negligent drivers who may be liable to victims for the damages they have caused. In a hit and run accident, if the negligent driver is never found or identified, options for recovery of damages may be available through the victim’s insurance company.

While different car accident situations are all too common on local roads, it is important for car accident victims to know that different legal options are also available based on these types of accidents. Each option, however, is focused on ensuring victims receive appropriate compensation for the harm and damages suffered. Victims can learn more about their legal options from the attorneys at Bailey & Burke.

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