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Most Dangerous Roads In Clinton, Massachusetts

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2023 | Car Accidents

Clinton, Massachusetts is a hidden gem with many offerings. The Nashua River and Wachusett Reservoir provide opportunities for beautiful views and peaceful walks while the central commercial district offers boutiques and international eateries. Whether enjoying an afternoon by Foster Fountain or checking out a game at the world’s oldest ballpark in continuous operation, Fuller Field, those who call Clinton home or stop in to pay a visit are likely to enjoy a fun and safe stay.

Unfortunately, even in the safest of locations, accidents can happen. Fatal car accidents are not uncommon. Having an idea of the more dangerous roadways can help to better ensure drivers use extra caution in these areas and reduce the risk of involvement in a crash.

Are there many dangerous accidents in Clinton?

One way to measure the danger of a road is to look at locations of fatal accidents. Overall, the rate of fatal accidents is much lower in Clinton compared to the rest of the commonwealth. From 1975 through 2021, Clinton reports 28 fatal accidents. During this same time the commonwealth reports 12,424 fatal accidents.

Which roads in Clinton report fatal accidents?

Some of the most dangerous roads in the town include:

  • Route 62.
  • Route 110.
  • Brook Street.
  • Pleasant Street.

Massachusetts Route 62 is the location of multiple fatal accidents. One of the more recent happened in 2018 when two vehicles collided at the corner of Route 62 Union Street and School Street. Another at the corner of Route 62 Chestnut Street and Green St.  Other areas that report a history of fatal accidents in Clinton include High Street, Berlin Street, Water Street, and Main Street.

The causes of these types of accidents can vary. Common factors often include speeding, driving while intoxicated, and negligent driving practices like using a phone or failing to pay attention while driving.

What types of injuries are common after car accidents?

Although the data above focuses on the most tragic of accidents, even a typical rear-end or T-bone accident can come with serious injuries. Injury to the head and spinal cord as well as internal organs can result in the need for medical care and the inability to go to work for weeks or months.

These accidents can be very expensive. Depending on the details of the accident the cost may be the responsibility of the other driver. This is generally true if the crash was the result of the other driver’s negligent or reckless driving.


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