What types of actions could lead to a dog attack?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Animal Bites

Dog bites are more common than many believe and can result in life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, dog bites are not isolated to off-leash dogs. In fact, some dog bites happen because of provocation, even if unknowingly.

Here are some common actions that can lead to a dog bite.

Threatening, taunting or striking a dog or a person in the dog’s vicinity

Many dogs instinctively lash out in defense if they feel taunted or get hit, but they also do the same if someone close to them, whether a caretaker or a family member, feels threatened. Many dogs are more protective of their families than themselves.

Cornering a dog

The saying that a dog will fight out of a corner has origins in legitimate actions. If you corner a dog, especially if it is on a chain and unable to escape, it may lash out and attack in an attempt to protect itself.

Allowing young children near an unfamiliar dog

If you do not take the time to gauge a dog’s body language and comfort, but instead allow a small child to approach the dog, you put that child at risk of a dog bite. Especially with young children who do not know how to be gentle with dogs, anything seemingly aggressive, such as pulling fur or laying on a potentially injured dog could result in that dog lashing out.

Understand some of the most common mistakes that lead to dog bites so that you can reduce the risk of these injuries occurring.