Is there such a thing as an aggressive dog breed?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | Animal Bites

Taking a walk in the park or visiting a friend should not result in you getting hurt. When the injury results from a dog bite, you may wonder if something could have stopped it.

Dogs bite for various reasons, and while you may not understand which one prompted your attack, you may gain some insight by educating yourself about dog breeds. While there are some myths surrounding certain breeds, others get labeled aggressive for common reasons. Delve deeper into whether a dog’s breed predisposes it to attack.

Is aggression inherent in a breed?

Some dog breeds have garnered a reputation for aggressive behavior. Particular breeds have a history of uses that include fighting and protecting property. However, this does not make them more aggressive than other dogs in any given situation. Rather, the size of the dogs used for these purposes makes them particularly dangerous when they do lash out. Breeds such as Pitbulls and Dobermans often have a reputation for aggression because their bites are so powerful.

What may incite a dog to bite?

Dogs usually bite for reasons that have nothing to do with their breed. How a dog lives its life is a significant factor in how it reacts to human behavior. Dogs who become victims of mistreatment may become aggressive. When an owner neglects or physically harms a dog, it may cause the animal to strike out at all humans if they feel threatened.

If the dog that bit you has a history of lashing out, the liability for the attack may fall squarely on the shoulders of the owner. It is negligent to allow an aggressive dog out and about.