What types of injuries do car accident victims commonly suffer?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2016 | Car Accidents

Vehicle accidents can be catastrophic and cause serious damage and harm to Massachusetts residents. Each car accident is unique, and each car accident victim can experience different challenges following a such an incident. Car accident victims can suffer mental, emotional and physical trauma and harm. The full scope of the physical damage the victim has suffered in a car accident may not be immediately evident. Certain physical injuries, or their full extent, may not be known until a much later date.

Victims of car accidents may suffer a variety of injuries and symptoms, including headaches which may signal a more serious problem; neck or shoulder pain or stiffness, which can include whiplash injuries, which are the most common delayed injury car accident victims may suffer; numbness, which can be associated with whiplash injuries; back injuries, which can include injuries to muscles, ligaments, nerves and vertebrae; changes in personality or physical functions, which can be signs of a brain injury and include impaired thinking or memory, impaired movement, impaired vision or hearing, personality changes or depression; post traumatic stress disorder; or abdominal pain or swelling which should not be ignored.

Symptoms and concerns may present even days following a car accident. It is important to seek medical treatment, which can include doctors and hospital care, rehabilitative care, physical therapy, psychological care and other medically indicated treatment. Whiplash injuries can also occur in car accidents at slower speeds and should not be taken lightly. It may be necessary to utilize diagnostic tests including x-rays, a CT scan, or an MRI to properly diagnose and treat.

Because of the serious nature of car accident injuries, and the time and cost associated with treating them, Massachusetts car accident victims may be able to recover compensation for the physical, financial and emotional harm they suffer in a car accident. Victims of car accidents should be familiar with how to seek proper treatment for their injuries and the legal resources available to help them receive compensation for the damages they have suffered.

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