Liability and dog bite injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2016 | Animal Bites

Dog attacks and dog bites can be extremely damaging physically, emotionally and financially which is why it is important to understand the legal remedies and resources available to dog bite victims. Thousands of victims are bitten by animals each year in the United States are most suffer dog bites. It is, of course, important to promptly seek medical attention following a dog bite injury but additional resources may also be available to victims of dog bite injuries.

It is also important to gather information following a dog attack such as the name and contact information for the owner of the dog, as well as the names and contact information for witnesses. Additionally, victims of dog bites should be familiar with how liability for dog bite injuries and harm is determined in their state. In Massachusetts, subject to some exceptions, pet owners are strictly liable for any harmed caused by their dogs. Property owners, landlords, animal keepers and others may all be liable for the damages suffered by the victim of a dog attack.

Pet owners may be liable for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages when their dog has injured or otherwise harmed the victim of a dog attack. The physical and emotional suffering that results from a dog bite injury can be severe which can lead to a costly recovery and significant medical care costs and expenses. Because of the vulnerable nature of dog bite victims, the legal process seeks to protect them and provide options for them to receive compensation for the damages they have suffered.

It is helpful for victims of dog bite injuries to be familiar with the help that is available. Help with the damages they have suffered may allow dog bite victims to more fully focus on the process of recovery from the injuries they have suffered.