Massachusetts law protects dog bite victims

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2015 | Animal Bites

Animal bites can be serious and can cause serious injuries and other types of harm. Victims of animal attacks, such as dog bites, may suffer injuries and harm that result in monetary damages. For example, damages that victims of dog attacks may suffer can include medical expenses, lost earnings, costs of psychological counseling and pain and suffering from the injury.

Under Massachusetts law, a pet owner whose pet causes injury or harm to the victim of an animal attack is liable to the victim for the damages suffered. Rather than proving fault, the animal attack victim is only required to demonstrate that they did not torment, tease or abuse the animal prior to the attack taking place. Animal bite law in Massachusetts is referred to as strict liability because it holds pet owners strictly liable for the harm caused by their pets.

The victim of an animal attack is focused on medically and psychologically recovering following an unexpected animal attack such as dog bite. There are also important legal aspects related to recovery of compensation for dog bite damages, which may involve insurance companies and other parties as well. This is why it is helpful for victims to be familiar with the legal process.

Animal attack victims may suffer a number of unexpected changes in their lives following a dog bite or other animal attack. At Bailey and Burke, we know that victims are likely to experience physical, emotional and financial challenges that can lead to unexpected problems. Because of the serious nature of animal attacks and the damages they cause, victims are protected on Massachusetts law. Our law firm’s website contains a variety of helpful information about dog bites and other personal injury issues.