Young girl bit by dog and injured in Massachusetts

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2015 | Animal Bites

This blog recently discussed that dog bites and dog attacks, in addition to physical harm, may cause significant emotional harm to children who are victims of a dog bite attack. In a neighboring community about a half an hour east of Worcester, a girl was recently bitten by a dog at a local famer’s market. The girl, who is approximately 10 or 11 years old was taken by her mother for medical attention following the dog bite, which occurred during the afternoon hours. The dog bite required medical attention and the owner of the dog was being sought.

In Massachusetts, dog bite laws hold owners strictly liable for the injuries and harm caused by their pets. Dog bite laws are designed to protect victims innocently injured by a dog bite. Only in circumstances when the victim was trespassing, committing some type of legally actionable wrong or teasing, tormenting or abusing the dog will the dog owner possibly not be held liable for the injuries or harm caused by their dog.

It is presumed that minor children under the age of seven are not engaged in wrongful activity impacting the dog owner’s potential liability.

Dog bites and dog attacks can be physically and emotionally traumatizing and costly to treat. In addition, dog bites may leave permanent scars or disability a victim can suffer a lifetime. Due to the serious nature of the damage caused by a dog bite, victims are protected and, in most circumstances, can receive compensation for damages when harmed in a dog bite attack under strict liability dog bite laws such as the law concerning dog bites in Massachusetts.

Source: Framingham Patch, “Dog Bites Girl at Framingham Farmers’ Market,” Susan Petroni, July 10, 2015