Driver turns self in after fatal Massachusetts motorcycle crash

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents

Under the law, family members of victims have different options to consider following a fatal accident. A recent motorcycle accident that occurred in a neighboring community southeast of Worcester left a motorcyclist dead. Initially a hit-and-run accident, the 26-year old driver of the other vehicle involved in the motorcycle collision turned himself in to police the day following the accident. The 36-year old victim was riding his motorcycle when he was struck by the 26-year old driver and killed. The driver has been charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident and motor vehicle homicide.

Motorcycle accidents can have devastating consequences. The loss of loved one in a fatal accident may lead to both emotional and economic hardships for surviving family members. Because of this, family members may wonder what types of help and other resources may be available to them. The legal system offers options to recover damages for the harm suffered following the unexpected loss of a loved one.

When a negligent driver is responsible for the death of a motorcycle accident victim, the negligent party may also be responsible to compensate surviving family members for the damages suffered. For the financial difficulties surviving family members may face funeral expenses, medical expenses and lost prospect of inheritance may be available. In addition, loss of support and services damages may also be available to surviving family members and pain and suffering damages may also be available to surviving family members.

Each loss is unique and the legal system recognizes that each fatal motorcycle crash may have unique circumstances which may contribute to the nature of the claim a family brings and the compensation the family receives. Understanding different options available may be helpful to answer questions surviving family members may have following the unexpected loss of a loved one.

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