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What big issues can skull fractures cause?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2021 | Car Accidents

When you get involved in a crash, your biggest issue will likely come in the form of the injuries you may face. Damage to the head, neck and back often occur in moderate to severe crashes, and the damage can have a big impact on your overall health.

Skull fractures exist as one of the problems you need to keep an eye on. Know the red flags so you can seek immediate help for those who may need it, as quick medical intervention is the surest way of avoiding long-term problems.

Neurological symptoms of severe brain trauma

Merck Manual discusses some of the potential damage that can result from skull fractures. Many involve the possibility of bone fragment dislodging from the fracture itself, which can either cut into the soft tissue of the brain or even end up embedded within it.

Needless to say, damage like this will have immediate neurological repercussions with outwardly manifesting symptoms. You will likely notice some of the following:

  • Frequent and repeated vomiting
  • The inability of a victim to identify their surroundings or people near them
  • Full or partial paralysis of one or more limbs
  • Full body paralysis
  • Seizures

Physical symptoms you may notice

You may also notice bruising as blood begins to collect in the hollow spaces of the skull. This can include bruising behind the ears and around the eyes. Blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) – a clear liquid – may also leak from the ears or nose. The eardrums can burst if enough blood builds up behind them, and CSF exists in cranial spaces that may end up damaged in a fracture incident.

If you notice any such issues, seek immediate medical attention to help prevent long-term damage from occurring.


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