Dog bite injuries can be extensive and painful

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2018 | Animal Bites

A dog can add an immense amount of love to a family. From a playful puppy to a mature companion, a dog can bring satisfaction and friendship to a Massachusetts resident. However, taking care of a dog is no small feat and individuals who choose to undertake the responsibility of caring for a dog must ensure that their four-legged friends are trained to be safe around humans and other animals.

When a dog bites or attacks a person, it can inflict significant harm upon its victim. A dog bite can cause damage to multiple body systems, such as the skin and layers of deeper tissue, organ damage, and even broken bones.

Depending upon the depth and severity of their bite, a dog bite victim may need sutures to repair damage to their skin. Sutures may help victims avoid future scarring from their bites but may not be an appropriate remedy for severe situations. When sutures are not an option, victims may need plastic surgery to repair the damage from a dog bite.

Individuals who are attacked by dogs may suffer secondary injuries as well. Dogs carry bacteria in their mouths and, in some cases, those bacteria can be transferred to the victim. These illnesses can force victims to take medications to treat their infections to avoid more serious complications.

A dog bite can be physically painful and emotionally devastating. There are real costs that may affect individuals who are subjected to these often-preventable accidents, and attorneys can help their clients build a solid case.