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How can dog bites kill?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | Animal Bites

Suffering from a dog bite could have several negative outcomes. Bacterial infection is one potential outcome that people often do not consider.

However, infection may actually end up as the most critical potential effect of a bite that anyone could have to deal with.

When bacteria enter the body

The CDC discusses dog bites and the chance of infection. A dog’s mouth has numerous different types of bacteria, and any of these may end up injected under the surface of the skin and into the fat, tissue or blood of the bite victim.

Once the bacteria enters the body, it is possible for infection to follow. In many cases, infection has relatively easy treatments that may include things like antiseptic ointment or antibiotics.

In some cases, however, these infections can rage out of control and cause massive issues for the victim in question.

Some will end up dealing with a necrotizing wound. This can introduce gangrene into the body, which causes further necrotization of tissues and results in potential limb loss.

The risk of sepsis

It is also possible for a bite injury victim to end up dealing with sepsis. This is a blood infection that can develop in some people. Some types of septic infection can result in death within 72 hours of the symptoms first appearing.

Needless to say, it is important to do whatever possible to reduce the chances of dealing with sepsis or any other serious form of infection. This is why quick treatment is necessary when handling dog bite injuries.


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