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How does brain trauma manifest?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2023 | Car Accidents

After taking a blow to the head, you will likely have to deal with some form of head injury or brain trauma in the aftermath.

How does brain trauma tend to manifest depending on the type of injury you received?

Mild brain trauma symptoms

Mayo Clinic discusses brain trauma and how it manifests. Brain trauma manifests differently depending on numerous factors, including but not limited to the age and health of the victim, the area of the head that took the blow, and the extent of bleeding within the brain because of it.

It also manifests differently depending on whether the injury counts as mild, moderate or severe. In fact, some mild brain injuries are actually hard to identify because the symptoms are relatively hard to spot. With some mild brain injuries, a victim may only experience temporary dizziness or a slight headache.

Moderate to severe trauma symptoms

However, moderate to severe brain trauma is almost always easy to identify because of the severity and immediate appearance of the symptoms.

Common physical symptoms include trouble with muscular coordination, balance problems, extreme and intense head pain, vision problems, difficulty with motor skills and trouble with speech, breathing or swallowing.

Mentally, victims of more severe head injuries will often experience disorientation, temporary memory loss and could struggle with speaking clearly or verbalizing their thoughts into words.

It is important to get head trauma sufferers quick medical attention, as this is the best way to cut down on the possibility of lasting after-effects or prolonged damage.


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