How can walking on scaffolds lead to serious injuries?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Construction Accidents

When in a construction zone, workers will likely face a variety of hazards where they can potentially fall. Back and neck injuries may happen when you trip on scaffolds since these elevated platforms are several feet above the ground.

Examining how scaffolds and your other coworkers can contribute to a serious industrial injury is key to understanding the danger you are in.

Shoves and tripping hazards

According to the United States Department of Labor, a scaffolding worker who is carrying a heavy item and ignoring the safety rules may cause you to trip and fall. If they accidentally shove you or back into you because they are acting recklessly, this movement can lead to you suffering from back injuries after a fall.

A spilled puddle of liquid from another person or rain that coworkers failed to clean up is another potential source of injuries.

Platform collapses

When you climb up on a scaffold, you are trusting that the previous workers correctly followed instructions to build it. If there is one part out of place, it could completely collapse when you put your full weight on it. Weak planks and rusted screws may also contribute to this if workers do not check the supplies they use to create scaffolds.

Missing safety railings

If there are any required safety guide railings or toeboards missing on a scaffold, it could lead to slip and fall incidents. These items are necessary for workers who need to climb up or walk along platforms.

Scaffolds are a source of serious and potentially deadly injuries, and knowing how these injuries happen is important in the construction industry.