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Do backup cameras really help to prevent accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2023 | Car Accidents

Smart technology becomes more and more ubiquitous in new car models with each passing year. These advancements aim to make driving easier, more convenient and overall safer, but one particular feature that tends to top the wishlist for car shoppers is the backup camera.

While backup cameras are certainly helpful additions that work well in tandem with a vehicle’s rearview mirror, many motorists might continue to wonder if they truly help to prevent accidents. Understanding the intended purpose of backup cameras and real-world statistics regarding their use will shed light on the matter.

What is the purpose of backup cameras?

Backup cameras capture footage of the area behind a vehicle and display it on a monitor mounted to the interior dashboard. This provides a perspective of an angle that is particularly helpful for drivers in determining the distance between their own vehicles and objects behind them. Many backup cameras also include warning systems and rear cross-traffic alerts that strive to further reduce the odds of a collision.

How helpful are backup cameras in preventing accidents?

A study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that rearview backup cameras can lower the chances of a crash by as much as 17%. Rear cross-traffic alerts included in many backup camera systems also reduce collision chances by up to 22%. The IIHS study explores the efficacy of several other crash-avoidance technologies which are all helpful in preventing accidents across the board.

Backup cameras make it easier for many drivers to park or reverse with confidence, but they also play a role in preventing accidents. While most cars on the road still do not include this type of smart technology, its presence makes things a little safer for all motorists and pedestrians.


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