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When is C-section a necessity?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

A C-section is a surgical procedure used to remove a baby from the womb. Because it is surgery, it comes with risks. A mother should always have the option to decide whether she will have a C-section or a vaginal birth or at least consent to the surgery.

Sometimes, C-sections occur when they are not a necessity. Some doctors are quick to rush to this option because of reasons that have nothing to do with patient health and safety. In these cases, it could be detrimental to the mother and baby.

Personal preference

A doctor may prefer to conduct C-sections over vaginal births. A surgical procedure is something the doctor can plan and fit into his schedule, whereas natural labor and delivery can occur anytime. Some doctors may not want to deal with the possibility that a mother could give birth at an inopportune time, such as when he or she has a planned vacation. So, they will push a C-section.


Surgeries always bring in more money for facilities and providers. In some cases, doctors may be under pressure to do as many C-sections as possible, which could lead them to push them on women who really do not need them.


C-sections move along swiftly and help free up labor and delivery units. In busy hospitals, doctors may feel they have to do C-sections to keep the turnover of rooms high. Natural births can linger for days, which means the hospital is losing money.

A C-section should always be a last resort. It should be something a doctor considers only when the medical evidence shows it would be best for the mother and baby.


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