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Why is awareness important in construction accidents?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Construction Accidents

The construction industry is hazardous by nature. You are working with heavy machinery, at heights and with power tools. There are risks at every turn that could lead to a serious accident.

One of the keys to avoiding an injury on a construction job site is awareness. Being aware of the potential for an accident can make you more likely to avoid activities or situations that are hazardous. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention runs the National Campaign to Prevent Falls, which focuses on the construction industry and fall prevention.

Falls in Construction

Falls are one of the most common accidents in the industry. They can happen from high levels, but even lower-level falls are dangerous due to job site conditions. In any case, falls account for many serious injuries and can be quite deadly. Sometimes, a fall is career-ending. The importance of being aware of these risks cannot be understated. The campaign from the CDC attempts to provide awareness in several ways.

The campaign

The National Campaign to Prevent Falls occurs annually. It started in 2012 and involves various safety organizations within the industry.

Part of the campaign is the National Stand-Down. This event helps to highlight the number of falls that happen each year while also bringing attention to the serious nature of injuries resulting from falls.

The campaign also includes materials that go to employers to help spread awareness. These include prevention advice and tools, infographics on injuries and deaths and other safety resources. The idea is to arm the industry with what it needs to prevent falls and save lives.


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