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How dangerous is a fracture?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Car Accidents

A car accident may leave you with a range of injuries. While some may prove quick to heal, others may take time and surgery. One injury that may prove more dangerous than you may think is a bone fracture.

There are several elements at work when a bone breaks. Familiarize yourself with what makes a fracture hazardous to your health.

What is a common bone fracture in car crashes?

When it comes to bone fractures resulting from crashes, the most common ones involve the extremities. The bones in the arms and legs are vulnerable because the force of the collision rushes through the car and directly into them. Since hands contact the steering wheel and feet the floorboards, these areas are more injury-prone.

What is the most serious type of bone fracture?

A partial fracture means a crack goes almost through the bone but doesn’t bisect it completely, versus a complete fracture that separates the bone. The most severe bone break splinters and pierces the skin to create an open wound and result in what doctors refer to as an open compound fracture.

What makes a fracture dangerous?

If a bone break does not pierce the skin, it may still cause problems within the body. However, an open compound fracture creates the most issue for doctors. The wound is a significant source of danger since it allows foreign bodies and bacteria to enter the body. Closing the wound immediately is not a viable course of action. Doctors may need to revisit the spot to ensure no tissue infection is present before doing so.

Medical diagnosis and treatment on an ongoing basis are crucial to ensuring that any fracture you suffer after a crash heals and leaves you with minimal long-term deficiencies.


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