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How can you prevent dog bites?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Animal Bites

While it is true that dogs offer lots of joy and companionship to people’s lives, they can still cause serious injuries. Dog bites can result in numerous health issues, including serious infections and lacerations.

Unfortunately, children have the highest risk of dog bites. That is why parents must help kids avoid dog bites by taking the following steps.

Monitor children around dogs

All dogs have the propensity to bite, even if they are not aggressive in nature. Many canines bite due to fear or anxiety, which means they should never be alone around young children. Even a seemingly innocent gesture can cause a dog to attack, so kids require adult supervision around pets until they exhibit the proper maturity level.

Approach dogs carefully

Children are naturally curious about dogs and may want to encounter those they see on the street. Tell your kids that they should only approach dogs when with their owners. Additionally, children must ask the owner for permission before attempting to pet the animal. If the owner grants permission, the child should slowly present the back of their hand to the dog to gauge their reaction. If the pet appears positive, the child may then pet it with the owner’s permission.

Avoid service dogs

Service dogs are not pets in the traditional sense. These animals have numerous responsibilities and are beholden to their owners. As a result, they may act aggressively if a child approaches them and the dog believes its owner is under threat. Make sure your kids know what service animals look like, as they typically wear vests or other indicators of their duties.

Ultimately, it is up to the dog owner to prevent their pet from biting others. While your children must take the proper steps, pet owners must also behave reasonably and responsibly to keep others safe.


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