How can road rage cause a motor vehicle accident?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2022 | Car Accidents

While on the road, you may notice the other drivers in cars around you going through a variety of emotions. One of the most common emotions is often anger, which can manifest itself in a form of driving known as road rage.

Learning more about the signs of this issue can help you understand what to do if you encounter someone who is making dangerous choices.

Continued tailgating

According to NBC News, a driver who closely follows another person runs the risk of causing a crash. Tailgating may occur because of a sense of irritation at another driver, which then grows until it becomes a source of intense rage.

Not giving someone enough space to stop or slow down without hitting another car is dangerous for everyone involved.


Excessive speeding is one of the leading causes of most crashes. Road rage often fuels the need to drive above the speed limit, which can frighten other drivers.

Speeding also leaves less time to react while on the road, which means accidents can happen quickly and without any warning. Sharing the road with an angry driver can lead to the sideswiping or rear-ending of your car.

Ignoring road signs

A person driving through red lights and ignoring stop signs in a fit of road rage can leave you feeling nervous. If you see a driver continually driving over curbs or unsafely turning without signaling, then he or she is likely acting from a place of frustration.

Ignoring the rules of the road endangers anyone close to the car, along with the driver who is reacting in anger.