What do you know about common slip-and-fall accident injuries?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Slip-And-Fall Accidents

After slipping and falling in a public or commercial space, you may have trouble determining your injuries. Is that twinge you feel a slip-and-fall accident injury or a result of hunching over your work desk?

SpinalCord.com explains the common harm suffered after slipping and falling. Get the facts to build your case and gather evidence for damages the at-fault party may owe.

Head injuries

Do you remember hitting your head when you fell? Even a minor head injury may trigger major complications. Minor head injuries usually resolve themselves, but if you have a major concussion, you may suffer permanent damage without a doctor’s help. Let a medical professional check you out to determine whether you should worry about a recent persistent headache.

Soft tissue injuries

Sometimes, soft tissue injury symptoms do not manifest until days or weeks after a tumble. Worse, because these injuries do not have outward indications, you could have a hard time collecting damages for them. Either way, a fall may leave you with a sprained wrist or ankle, which could leave you in constant pain if left untreated.

Abrasions and cuts

Depending on how you fall, you could suffer cuts and abrasions during your accident. While these injuries may look worse than they are, it makes sense to let a doctor treat them. You never know whether a cut or abrasion may cover a broken bone or concussion. You could need stitches for limb abrasions or hip or head wounds.

Do not rest on your laurels with slip-and-fall accident injuries. Getting proper medical attention and treatment may head off an unnecessary disaster and protect your legal rights.