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Ladder safety and recovering from an accident

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Construction Accidents, Personal Injury

If you work in construction, you likely have to use ladders, and some workers use ladders on a daily basis. Falls account for many of the construction accidents that occur each year and it is vital to go over precautionary measures to prevent a fall. If you recently sustained an injury after falling down, you need to look at your options with respect to the recovery process.

Construction workers suffer serious injuries and even lose their lives in ladder accidents, which happen for a host of reasons.

Preventing a ladder fall

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration outlines a number of measures that construction workers should take to reduce the likelihood of ladder falls. Make sure you use the right ladder or even avoid using a ladder altogether, depending on the tasks you have to perform. Sometimes, workers try to use ladders at dangerous heights and fall down due to instability.

Secure the base of the ladder beforehand and place it on level ground. Always have three points of contact and do not hold tools with your hands while climbing ladders.

Moving forward after a ladder fall

OSHA reports that ladder falls cause more fatalities in the construction industry than any other hazard. Even when a worker survives a fall, they could face many hardships on their path to recovery, such as lost wages, hospital expenses, mental trauma and physical pain.

If you suffered an injury after falling off of a ladder, you should look into workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits help eligible workers secure the resources they need to recover financially and physically, but it is essential to approach the application process carefully in order to increase your chances of securing benefits.


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