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What should I know about road rage?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2021 | Car Accidents

Even though driver’s ed classes focus on defensive driving, the reality is that many drivers are extremely aggressive. In fact, one survey indicated that almost 80% of all drivers experienced aggression or significant anger while driving a car over the last year.

This means that you have a high likelihood of encountering a driver under the influence of road rage at some point. According to Geico Insurance, it is vital to recognize the common forms of road rage and be able to avoid the enraged driver.

What does road rage look like?

While there is no specific formula for road rage, many drivers exhibit similar symptoms. For instance, a driver engaging in tailgating is likely enraged. You may also notice a driver yelling or honking excessively. A driver may make angry gestures behind the wheel, some of them obscene.

In some instances, road rage may become extremely blatant. For instance, enraged drivers may begin to cut other cars off on purpose, and even try to get out of their vehicle in order to start a confrontation.

What can I do about an enraged driver?

The best advice is to disengage. Try to change lanes, slow down, or even exit the highway or street that you are on. Do not engage with the driver at all. It might be tempting to make angry gestures back, but this will only escalate the situation.

If you believe that an enraged driver is following you, drive to the nearest police station for help. Never get out of the car to speak with the other driver. The best way to manage an enraged driver is to avoid confrontation and plan an escape.


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