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How safe are dog parks?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2021 | Animal Bites

Most dog owners do not want to consider that their dog could harm a person or another dog. If you regularly take your dog to the dog park, you may not have considered the dangers prior. While it might seem like a good idea to socialize with other dog owners and give your pet the freedom to run with other pets, there are dangers.

The New York Times explains why dog parks are more dangerous than walking your dog solo or enrolling in obedience training.

Dog park dangers

Most dog owners see dog parks as a place where their dogs can burn off energy. They are places for dogs to socialize and play. However, not every owner at the dog park monitors his or her dog. You cannot guarantee that each dog has proper socialization or that every dog plays well with other dogs or humans.

There are spaces, such as playgroups or doggy daycares that screen their animals beforehand. Dog parks do not. Dog parks are public and there are generally no professionals present to ensure everyone’s safety. You have to trust the judgment of strangers.

Dog park incidents

Dog parks can be a dangerous environment, especially for smaller dogs. Even when dog parks separate large and small dogs, many owners choose to ignore the rules. Even what looks like a minor incident can turn serious. Dogs who play rough can cause serious injuries. Even when a dog bite has a relatively small in appearance can still have tearing under the skin. Since bites can have difficulty healing, infection is common.


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