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Fall River crash kills two, injures two more

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Car Accidents

Any accident that ends someone’s life prematurely is a tragedy. In such situations, people in Clinton typically want to give those affected by such an incident the time they need to grieve and cope with their loss. 

If and when another person involved in such an accident subsequently initiates legal action, some might dismiss their actions as being either vindictive or petty. What this assumption overlooks is the fact that these parties may have been equally impacted by the accident, and that the consequences they must deal with have resulted in significant financial strain (that they may have had no fault in causing). 

Car strikes consignment store in Fall River 

It remains unclear whether two of the accident victims from a recent collision in Fall River will need such assistance. The pair (a woman and her 18-month-old son) received treatment for injuries after the car transporting them ran into the side of a building housing a local consignment store. Reports say that the driver of the vehicle the two were in lost control of it and drove it straight into the building. They and another passenger both died in the collision. The mother and her son were in the back of the vehicle, which protected them from absorbing the brunt of the impact. 

Seeking compensation from a deceased driver 

In cases such as this (where the driver responsible for a car accident dies in the collision), many may believe seeking financial compensation to be pointless given that the driver is no longer able to accept responsibility. Yet while such drivers cannot personally answer for their actions, compensation for accident victims can come from their estates. Those needing such compensation may wish to work with an attorney in order to secure it. 


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