Ignoring safety on the site may lead to catastrophic injury

| Mar 10, 2020 | blog

Catastrophic injuries are devastating and drastically change the way people live. Those who have riskier occupations, like construction workers, should pay particular attention to safety measures to avoid becoming a bleak statistic. 

Construction sites are replete with danger. Failing to pay attention on the job site may send you to the hospital with a range of injuries. Our team has dedicated itself to giving you the most pertinent information on how to avert disaster. Instead of ignoring these common hazards construction sites present, learn how to avoid them and stay safe. 

A fall from any height 

Regardless of the type of project, dangerous situations on a construction site will always present themselves. According to OSHA, the top cause of construction injuries is a fall. The height does not always matter. Serious injuries may occur regardless of how far off the ground someone works. A worker should stay conscious of his or her surroundings before climbing a ladder or traversing a higher floor. Debris and water on the ground make it easier to slip and fall. Wear the proper safety gear, including harnesses and hard hats where mandated. 

Hit hard by equipment  

Another mistake workers make is failing to pay attention to heavy machinery, whether they are operating it or working near it. Getting hit or crushed by equipment is another way construction workers wind up in the hospital with serious injuries. Only those properly trained should operate machines, such as cranes and lifts. Avoid walking near the machinery when in use to avoid a collision. The operator may not see or hear another worker approach until it is too late. 

Practicing diligence around a construction site is one way to stave off an injury. Follow the link for some more general information about construction accidents. 

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