Animal attacks cost more than a $1 billion yearly

| Feb 15, 2020 | Animal Bites

All across the country, more people are including animals in their homes. Retirees with empty nests adopt animals to keep their company. Millennials adopt pets as they delay parenting for their latter years. What many people forget is that domesticated animals still have their moments when they can become aggressive and attack. Some even attack members of the household they live in. 

CNN estimates that animal attacks cost Americans $1 billion annually. Instead of trending to lower figures, these numbers are climbing and have been doing so for the past decade. However, domesticated animals are not the only ones attacking. As people encroach more onto wild habitat, wildlife ventures onto the property. Spiders, centipedes and mosquitos are just some of the animals that also pose a risk. Some of the most feared included bears, crocs and snakes. 

Even dogs may get injured after tackling these animals, sometimes in defense of their family members. Yet, dogs themselves do pose a risk. Dog bites were the second most common form of animal attacks. It accounted for 26% of emergency room injuries. First in line where bites from arthropods that were non-venomous at 41%. 

USA Today estimates that every year, 4.5 million dog bites occur. One reason dog bites can be especially devastating is that people do not know how to respond. To be fair, there is no wrong or right response to an aggressive dog. Getting out of their reach is the best most people can do. If this is not possible, do you fight back or play dead? This is the difficult decision many people face in a split second and the wrong one is often detrimental. 

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