4 students injured in Massachusetts 3-vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2020 | Car Accidents

Authorities in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, continue to investigate a three-vehicle crash that sent a reported six people to the hospital approximately a week ago. Four of those injured are students at Assumption College in Worcester.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Lake Street and Route 9 on a recent Saturday morning in Shrewsbury. The car containing the college students was turning westbound onto Route 9 from Lake Street when a 19-year-old driver reportedly operating an eastbound vehicle struck them at a high rate of speed. A third car sustained minor damage due to debris from the accident. It is not clear whether the third vehicle was in operation or parked at the time or whether there were any occupants.

Of the four injured college students, one remained in the hospital as of last week. She is a member of the women’s rowing team at Assumption. Authorities reported that the hospital would release the driver of the vehicle in the afternoon following the accident, and the two other students went home right away after receiving treatment. The campus chapel held a prayer service for all four students on the day of the accident, while representatives of Student Affairs were present at the hospital with students and their families.

It is unknown whether the driver of the eastbound vehicle was among the six injured. As the investigation into the crash is still ongoing, authorities have declined to answer whether they intend to press charges. The four injured students expected to graduate this year, and it is unclear what effect, if any, the accident will have on their plans. Those injured in a motor vehicle accident may wish to speak with an attorney.