Staying afloat amid bills till your claim throws a life preserver

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2019 | Car Accidents

One of the few things almost as serious as the injuries you suffer in a car accident are the bills that immediately follow. Getting medical care after a wreck is one of the most important steps to take, but that often means you’re footing the bill while you wait for a settlement.

A surge of medical bills coupled with the inability to work can mean devastating consequences, so it’s no wonder that 66.5% of all bankruptcies are tied to medical issues. Paying out of pocket, exhausting your credit or avoiding bills altogether can lead to dire repercussions, but there are other ways to get the care you need while waiting on your personal injury claim.

Maintaining options

There are a few steps you can take before you look to breaking the piggy bank open:

  • Car insurance: Massachusetts is a no-fault state, so your car insurance could bear the initial brunt of the bills. It likely doesn’t matter who’s to blame for the wreck, they will start chipping in for your medical costs up to your coverage limit. This can be essential, considering the high costs of emergency actions and extended hospital stays.
  • Health insurance: Once you reach that limit, you can see if your health insurance will take over. Just be aware that sometimes insurers, especially government organizations like Medicare and TRICARE, will seek reimbursement for coverage if you win your claim in court.
  • Negotiation payments: Things can look bleak if you’ve reached the limits of your insurance, but you may be able to deal directly with your care providers. Sometimes an offer of something is better than a chance at nothing, so you might be able to negotiate a payment plan
  • Authorization and assignment: If you’ve exhausted your other options, authorization and assignment may provide certain guarantees that you’ll pay caregivers in the event of a settlement. The attending healthcare is essentially putting a lien on your personal injury award, meaning that they’ll get what you owe them before you receive any payout.

Receiving care is crucial for your health, and it may also play an essential part in showing the damage an accident has caused. Knowing your options can help you continue to get the medical care you need until you get the compensation you deserve.