Helping you take action after a truck accident

| Jun 27, 2019 | Truck Accidents

The trucking industry remains an important one. Whether it is for a company requiring shipments of good or individuals seeking the delivery of personal goods, the trucking industry significantly impacts interstate and intrastate commerce. Although the benefits are apparent, trucking companies and truck drivers in general do present some risks on the roadways.

Truck drivers in Massachusetts and elsewhere are often tasked with driving long distances, which often require spending long hours behind the wheel. In order to meet the demands that the trucking company has set, truck drivers may driver longer than outlined by regulations or faster than they should. This could result in a serious and even fatal truck crash.

At the Law Offices of Bailey & Burke, we understand the severe and significant damages a truck accident can cause. Thus, we are prepared to help truck accident victims take action following a crash, helping them prove cause and liability. Through investigation, talking with witnesses and looking at evidence such as trucking logs, our law firm seeks to prove a negligent truck driver was to blame, helping our client secure a monetary award.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s truck accident website. The aftermath of a truck crash can be devastating. The injuries that befall a victim can be gruesome and fatal. This can result in much hardship and pain and suffering of those impacted. Thus, it is important to consider the legal recourses available. A civil action, such as a personal injury action of wrongful death claim, could help address these losses while also assist with liability in the matter as well.

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