Motorcycle rider struck by truck debris seriously injured

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists can suffer serious injuries and even death when they are hit by other vehicles. The collision between a motorcycle and a car can be violent and can leave a motorcycle rider with broken bones, organ damage, internal bleeding, and brain and spinal injuries. Recovering from a motorcycle crash can be time-consuming and can leave a victim with permanent and sometimes disabling injuries.

Recently, a Massachusetts resident was seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident near Boston. The man was riding his motorcycle on I-495 when he was hit by something falling off a vehicle. A ladder that a truck driver had placed in his truck bed fell out and struck the unfortunate motorcycle-riding victim.

The victim had to be transported to the hospital and the driver of the truck was cited for failing to properly secure the truck load. The current status of the victim’s injuries is unknown and additional information about their recovery is unavailable.

In a situation like this one, it may be possible for a victim to recover their damages from the driver whose negligence created the harm. When negligence forms the basis of a personal injury claim, a victim may be entitled to compensation. That compensation can help them get their life back on track and return them to the state of living they enjoyed before the crash. As all personal injury claims are different, it is important for victims to recognize the strengths and merits of their own cases. Attorneys can help them prepare pleadings that set them up for possible civil litigation.