Multi-vehicle accident injures many on I-95

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2019 | Car Accidents

Dominoes is a popular game for children and adults. Players set up individual tiles in a detailed arrangement to see how many can be knocked down by only pushing one over. The cascade of effects as the tiles tip over creates a rush of chaos as the tiles quickly toppled off of their edges.

This popular game is an unfortunately good analogy for what can happen on Massachusetts roads when car accidents happen on busy thoroughfares. Not long ago the morning rush hour commute on Interstate 95 was crippled when an impact in southbound traffic cross the median into northbound traffic. The initial two-car crash affected another six vehicles that were traveling in the opposite direction.

A total of nine people in the eight involved vehicles were taken to medical centers for treatment. The cause of the original collision on northbound I-95 is unclear, though it does appear that one vehicle may have merged into another that was traveling in a different lane. Therefore, a simple act of driving negligence may have set off this immense multi-vehicle collision that hurt many and inhibited traffic for hours.

Car accidents, whether they involve two cars or many, can be devastating events that alter the course of victims’ lives. Working through the details of a multi-vehicle crash like the one discussed in this post can be complicated and can pose problems for victims who just want to find justice and recover their accident-related damages. A single act can set off a chain reaction of problems that affect many people, cause many injuries and cost victims time, money and stress.