What damages may be sought after an animal attack?

| Jan 3, 2019 | Animal Bites

Personal injuries such as those that victims suffer after animal bites and attacks can take different forms and can involve different types and severity of damage. For this reason the types and amounts of damages that Massachusetts victims may pursue after such incidents will depend upon the harm that they individually suffered. Consultation with attorneys who work in the personal injury field is recommended for those who want to learn more about how their cases may be assessed.

Generally, however, there is a wide range of damages that victims of animal attacks may be able to sue for depending upon their losses. In most cases victims can seek the recovery of their medical costs; after an animal attack a victim may seek emergency treatment, require surgery, need medications, and require follow-up care. The costs of medically recovering from an attack can be extensive.

Also, as a victim heals from their attack-inflicted wounds they may not be able to work. Taking time off from one’s job may be costly and as such some victims of animal attacks may be able to include in their requests for damages the recovery of lost pay. General damages for pain and suffering may also be available to those victims whose injuries are pervasive and cause them great agony.

Attacks from dogs and other animals can be very serious personal injury events and victims are encouraged to document their injuries and the costs associated with treating them. Damages are often pursuable by those who have been hurt and can help them get back on their feet as they recover from the damage they have endured.

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