Two-car collision leads to death of elderly Massachusetts woman

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2019 | Car Accidents

An accident on Interstate 95 North near Sharon has claimed the life of a 73-year-old local woman. The victim was operating her vehicle on the interstate when it was involved in a collision with another automobile. As a result of the crash, the victim’s car lost control, traveled across several lanes of traffic and rolled down an embankment.

The car then hit a tree and the force of the accident threw the victim and her dog out of the vehicle. Both died in the crash, and it is unknown if the driver of the other vehicle was hurt. As investigators look into the cause of the car accident, the family of the victim may begin piecing back together their lives in the wake of her loss.

Car accidents are unfortunately common and too often take lives. Many times, accidents between vehicles are caused by negligence, such as distracted or reckless driving, which can involve road rage and aggressive driving. A further inquiry into this accident may provide law enforcement officials with the details that they need to better this tragedy.

When individuals die in car accidents, their family members may have rights to sue for their damages. These claims are based on wrongful deaths, but victims who suffer non-fatal injuries may also have options to seek recovery of their accident-related losses. Victims of automobile accidents can and should talk to their trusted personal injury attorneys to better understand what options they may have to become whole after suffering injuries and losses.