Many drivers fail to see motorcycles out on the roads

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

Drivers in Massachusetts and states throughout the country are cautioned to limit the distractions in their vehicles so that they can put their attention on the roads before them. Too often Worcester residents hear horrific accounts of drivers causing accidents because they were looking at their phones or trying to multitask while operating their vehicles. Driving is an involved process that requires a person to watch what is happening around them, manage their own vehicle, and anticipate the actions of other drivers and pedestrians.

However, despite drivers’ attempts to stay focused on the roads, there is one form of transportation that they often fail to see: motorcycles. Motorcycles are often hit by drivers of larger vehicles because those drivers simply do not look for them and often fail to check for them when they make driving maneuvers.

The term that refers to this phenomenon is visual recognition, and it basically means that drivers do not recognize motorcycles when they are operating their own automobiles. Motorcycles are small and can become obscured behind trucks. They can be hard to see at night or when weather conditions are severe. Even a motorcyclist who drives defensively and avoids hazards may become the victim of a collision due to a driver who is not looking out for them.

As readers of this personal injury blog know, motorcycle accidents can be tragic and can leave victims with life-long harm. It is possible for some victims to recover their damages through personal injury litigation, and consultation with attorneys can help them make informed decisions about how best to serve their legal needs.