Educate yourself of the dangers during Burn Awareness Week

| Jan 29, 2019 | Firm News

With numerous opportunities for injuries at home, school or work, it does not hurt to be aware of the risks. You and other Massachusetts residents may want to become informed of the burn dangers that are present in your daily lives.

The American Burn Association declared the first full week of February to be Burn Awareness Week. Countless people across the country suffer serious burn injuries every year, making this one of the most prevalent home and work dangers you can face. The awareness theme for 2019 is scalding burns.

What is a scald?

Scalding is a type of burn created by liquid or vapor moisture. You can sustain a scald by immersing a body part in hot water, by lifting the lid of a boiling pot or by spilling hot coffee on yourself. There are, perhaps, more ways to sustain a scald burn at home or elsewhere than you may know about.

It is also concerning to learn that children and elderly people are particularly susceptible to serious injury or death in scalding accidents, especially since most scald burns are associated with household products and appliances that even children have easy access to – such as bathtubs and microwave ovens.

Why is scalding a legal issue?

A malfunctioning product or a negligent caregiver can result in a life-changing burn for you or a loved one. For example, your child’s day care may have the hot water temperature set too high at the facility, resulting in a serious burn if your child turns on the tap.

Each minute, someone in the United States suffers a burn serious enough to need medical attention. More than 300 children visit U.S. emergency rooms every day for burn-related injuries. You may reduce the chances of yourself, a child or elderly loved one suffering burns by understanding the dangers and taking steps to prevent them, but you cannot always prevent the negligent actions of others causing a serious injury.

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