Working for victims of winter car accidents

| Dec 27, 2018 | Car Accidents

Car accidents happen throughout the year, but it may seem to readers of this Worcester personal injury blog that some of the worst ones happen in winter. There is some truth to this inclination, as winter roads can be treacherous due to the presence of ice, slush and snow. Drivers who fail to maintain their vehicles on weather-affected surfaces can serious harm to themselves and others when their vehicles are involved in crashes.

While many Massachusetts residents will escape the winter without being involved in crashes or collisions, some will unfortunately experience the challenges of living through winter weather car accidents. After a crash it is important that a victim seeks medical help for any and all injuries they may have suffered in their collision, and it is also important that they collect information about the other drivers and conditions that were present when their incident occurred.

When a victim is ready and healing from their injuries, they may consider taking their case to an attorney who can help them work through the facts and the law that may apply. The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke serve victims of car accidents and take pride in guiding their clients through the important steps and time lines that apply when personal injury cases are filed.

A victim of a winter car accident should understand the claims and damages that may apply to their case. Due to the actions of others they may have rights to compensation. The attorneys of the Law Offices of Bailey & Burke are accepting new clients into the New Year and ready to help them protect their legal rights.

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