More delivery trucks during the holidays may mean more accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Truck Accidents

Although some Worcester residents may still prefer to shop for holiday gifts at their local stores and outlets, many people enjoy the convenience of online shopping and free delivery to have their purchases shipped directly to their front doors. During the month of December, Massachusetts residents may see more delivery trucks out on the roads as drivers rush to keep up with the onslaught of boxes that individuals expect in a timely manner. With more trucks on the roads and tighter deadlines to meet, truck drivers may not always make the best decisions about how to stay safe on the roads.

Just like drivers of larger commercial vehicles, delivery truck drivers can succumb to unsafe driving practices that can put the lives of others at risk. For example, drivers who are not properly trained on the functionality of their vehicles may not know how to maneuver or stop their trucks safely, and drivers who feel rushed by hectic delivery schedules may make unsafe choices about how to get to each of their destinations.

Delivery truck drivers can also commit driving mistakes that afflict regular drivers as well. From operating with distractions present in their trucks to failing to check their blind spots and use their signals, delivery truck drivers can cause confusion and accidents on busy Massachusetts streets.

Delivery truck drivers will be hustling through Massachusetts communities up until Christmas Day. Other drivers should be aware of their presence and take caution when operating around them. While many delivery truck drivers take precautions to keep themselves and others safe, truck accidents do happen when individuals make hazardous choices and put others lives’ at risk.