Seeking compensation as the victim of a drunk driving accident

| Oct 4, 2018 | Car Accidents

Drunk drivers are a danger to everyone who must operate and ride in vehicles on Massachusetts roads. When they choose to put alcohol into their systems, the bodies of drunk drivers experience changes that the individuals cannot always control. Drunk drivers can experience a loss of inhibitions, a loss of motor function, a loss of reaction time, and many other physical problems.

These symptoms are dangerous on their own, but when an affected driver gets behind the wheel of their car, they effectively turn that vehicle into a force of harm that may cause injuries to innocent victims. Collisions between drunk drivers and their victims are often deadly and when they happen drunk drivers can face criminal charges for their actions.

However, the arrest of a drunk driver after a crash should not dissuade a victim from learning more about their possible civil claims against the responsible individual. Civil and criminal legal matters can stem from the same occurrence or event, and a civil victim of a drunk driving crime can seek their damages despite the concurrence of a criminal trial against the person who caused their harm.

Building a case against a drunk driver is similar to that of a case against a driver who causes an accident but who is not intoxicated. A victim may have to prove that the drunk driver failed in their duty of care to others and that their actions were the cause of the victim’s suffering. Preparing a case against a drunk driver can be undertaken with the help of a personal injury attorney who represents victims of automobile accident cases.

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