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Internal organs can be injured in a car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2018 | Car Accidents

It is nearly impossible to get into a car accident and escape unscathed without injuries. Too many people, though, assume that they have been so lucky when there are no immediately visible injuries following a collision. On the contrary, injuries are often invisible, and it is entirely possible to suffer internal injuries to your tissues, muscles and even your body’s organs.

This is just one reason why it is essential to seek out medical treatment following any kind of car accident. Whether in a minor fender bender or a multiple car collision, it is possible to suffer an injury to any of the following internal organs:


The liver is the biggest of all your internal organs, and this means that it is also one of the most easily injured. Positioned on the abdomen’s right side, the liver may become injured through physical impact, including that which may result from a car accident. Bruising on the right side of the abdomen and significant blood loss may both be potential indicators of a liver injury.  


Much like the liver, sheer force of impact can injure the spleen, including trauma sustained in a car accident. Because of its position on the left side of the abdomen under the ribcage, it is particularly vulnerable to injury. Whereas your liver may simply bruise, though, your spleen is more susceptible to more serious injuries such as perforation or rupturing.


According to the Korey Stringer Institute, kidneys are the third most commonly injured organ in incidents involving blunt trauma to the abdomen. Indeed, kidneys can easily become injured in car accidents when there is direct impact to the abdominal area. Because of their position on both sides of your spine, kidneys can also become injured when your mid or lower back suffers trauma.


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