Who may be sued after a dog attack?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Animal Bites

A dog bite can leave a Massachusetts resident with grievous injuries and significant pain. When a victim contemplates their legal options for recovering damages, they may choose to sue the dog’s owner for the losses suffered. Preparing their claim to include all possible defendants can be an important part of planning their case.

While it may be obvious for a victim to sue the person who should have been in control of the animal at the time of the attack, liability for the victim’s suffering may extend to others. For example, if a child was walking a pet dog that got away from them and attacked a victim, the child’s parents may be sued for not taking appropriate precautions and ensuring the animal was under the power of someone who could control it. This reasoning may also apply if a dog owner trusts their pet to the care of a sitter or dog walker.

Additionally, if an attack occurs in a rental property, a landlord may be liable for an animal attack if they know about a tenant’s dangerous pet. The failure of a landlord to act and remove a dangerous creature from their property may expose them to legal responsibility if the animal causes injury.

Responsible pet owners understand that their dogs may cause harm and injuries if they are put into situations where they cannot positively react. For this reason, pet owners should exercise care to ensure that others are not exposed to possible injury and other losses when they come into contact with their animals. Those who are victimized by dogs and other domestic animals are encouraged to learn about their options under the law.