What to do after an attack by a potentially rabid animal

| Aug 16, 2018 | Animal Bites

Domestic animal bites often happen when pet owners fail to control their cats, dogs, and other creatures through training or restraints. In Massachusetts, the victim of an animal attack may be able to recover compensation for their injuries through a personal injury lawsuit. However, before a person gets around to meeting with an attorney to discuss their legal rights, there are some important health issues they should first address.

A person who is bitten by an animal should seek medical attention to have any wounds treated and to be assessed for potential exposure to certain diseases. For example, rabies is a life-threatening disease that may be passed from an infected animal to a person through saliva. When a rabid dog bites a person, there is a chance that the disease could pass from the animal to the human.

If possible, a victim should wash all wounds and seek medical attention. Medical professionals can help determine if preventative treatments should be used to stop the spread of rabies. Often, when the animal can be located by authorities, those animals are put into quarantine for observation to determine if they are rabid. If it is found that the animal is rabid, the victim should receive a series of shots.

The victim of an animal attack can lose time, money, and can suffer physical pain if they must endure treatment in addition to the other damages they incurred. Any costs a victim incurred due to the attack may be included in their request for damages if they elect to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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